W/we knew.


issa brouhaha

in hea, or outchea.

no fear, dreams near.

fuck a career. again,

we just wanna

jook & jive

& throw back our rears.

best believe, we can

see; taste and hear it all.

pleasure in free fall.

bussin’ down all walls.

this life aint for us all

but in this life it’s

all W/we know.

father figure

i saw you in my dream.

this time i saw more of you

than last time. we still havent spoke

but i am waiting for the day you speak to me

in my dreams like you spoke to me in real life.

although, i cant recall i know you did at some point; the people told me so. the memories, although fading, let me know you cared while you were here.

no church in the Wild

away i go,

off on another plane

looking for another Element;

mind’s gone hellabent,

monies hella spent,

aint no church to repent

they on a different element.

so W/we jook, jive & jubilee

like Royalty, jestering

inna different world

with O/our Ancestors in a

different Element. O/our worries

are hella spent, shame hella

sent, being all things indecent, W/we

ascend like smoke in the air and know

W/e dont need to repent for Our love.