we are the stars

you got the joy,

black boy. i see

the stars and they

shine because of

you & you & you.

im humble enough to

be ur #1 fan, tell it to

ur face & laugh bc

truly im a stan bc

i understand bc

of the cosmos &

how we gleamed before

this time and before that

time and before time again.

we are the stars that guide

people home. we are the stars that

set those ablaze when they get to close

so they cant help but stare and gaze

at our beauty like our skin is the night sky.

the glory of we.

instinctively i thrive,

for a better me,

for a better you,

for apart of you

that sees the morning

glories and know

their worth. to look

at everyone and say

that We are the one.

the Ones who are steadfast,

diligent to display the

truth of who we are.