W/we knew.


issa brouhaha

in hea, or outchea.

no fear, dreams near.

fuck a career. again,

we just wanna

jook & jive

& throw back our rears.

best believe, we can

see; taste and hear it all.

pleasure in free fall.

bussin’ down all walls.

this life aint for us all

but in this life it’s

all W/we know.

International Ms. Leather Fundraiser!!

Xir Oya Ra & gurl Gaia in a scene featuring needle play, impact, spasms & gasms.

Your support is needed!

IMsLBB – International Ms Leather & International Ms Bootblack is dedicated to preserving this history of Leatherwomen. Learn more about them here.

The funds are being used to hire ASL interpreters for IMsLBB and guess what?? There is an Anonymous Donor Matching Dollar-for-Dollar!!!

More about the scene: girl Gaia (Greene Williams) and Xir Oya Ra got into It hot and heavy featuring: Needle Play Impact Play 0rgasms and Spasms Aftercare and More!

Videography by Chazmen Sonique

If you’re looking for some sado-masochistic entertainment… Or if you’re just looking for another way to give back to the Leather Community….

We’re are asking a minimum $15 donation for access to 30 mins of prime kinky, pervy, bdsm, voyeur for your consumption!

Send 15$ to any of the following methods:

PayPal: paypal.me/IMsLBBGen5
CashApp: $IMsLBBGen5
Venmo: @IMsLBBGen5

Add “GAIA” and your email address into the comments/notes section to receive the link/access!

Can’t donate, share, share, share!!

peace, love and kink.