father figure

i saw you in my dream.

this time i saw more of you

than last time. we still havent spoke

but i am waiting for the day you speak to me

in my dreams like you spoke to me in real life.

although, i cant recall i know you did at some point; the people told me so. the memories, although fading, let me know you cared while you were here.

eye of the hurricane

we know which way to go.

the way the ppl see us, they see

the flow of us like a storm

we are the eye, as they

are swept thru the

turbulent tides and

gushing winds.

one by one, they are

swept into the eye.

guided by us, we see

the path because we

are the eye of the


i am love

feel the love,

how it pours

onto your skin;


itself into

your flesh.

covered by

a new armor,

i am anew’d.

not born again

but loved again

and again and

the armor thickens

and the shields move

through life pouring

love upon me as we move

through these battles

knowing love wins.