the crows are starting to caw

woke up to anuther POV,

we cookin’ it &

they dont have a clue.

sumetimes i feel liike

i dont know even care


to do, i just want to do.

caressing my

thoughts we may

know we know

what to do.

leave me alone &

miiind, i ,we, just need a


to grow. i saw a

brown cardinal with a red top;

he said,

“lets go. time is an essence;

crooking, croaking &

cawing can you

hear the crows coming.”

i didnt kno how i high i could fly; the soul laughed.

mind stalled,

as i wait

for the right

words to come

to me.

“let it flow,“

the mind said,

“like the love,

like the stars

amidst the sky,

only kissing the

night sky and


release the mind,

the soul broke

the rules of everything

galloping past the

beating heart, nonetheless,

the soul said, you aint stand no chance. imma soul. so long to what you knew. imma soul. find me whole in any plane. i’s flies high. imma soul, man. damn, i be high not like a cloud but like another plane the ones that creep through the clouds, im proud of my nines and gloat about the day ones, dey see me as a one of many parts still bound together by one but loved by many. imma soul. you may not hear me roar but u’ll sense my presence, imma soul, who’s soles have ran in the muck of those who’s luck said, good bye! but not nor a riddance was foreborned in/or around those who boar the weight of running in the dark.