Happy Belated Bday To ME

https://youtu.be/on57wB5w8j8 Each year, I usually take some to around my birthday to do some inflection, focus on some gratitude and write in my journal. This year, I aint do none of that!! This is my first year working as a full-time artist and bitch I am busy!! bookt and blessed but chile I need some … Continue reading Happy Belated Bday To ME

What a Sh*t Show!

All of fam came together to help support our sister-in-need, Jane Saw. I haven't performed at Trade since Fall. It felt great to come back and perform wearing contacts. I actually saw Jane.     It was great having Tea Party, Church, and Gay Bash all at home.  Video and yelling by: Chris Black aka Butterknife … Continue reading What a Sh*t Show!