ChazChats 2.0 | A day with Strawberry We are starting the New Year off with new projects!!ChazChats got a little upgrade!For the first episode of ChazChats 2.0, I follow along the beloved Strawberry aka Derrick Cox. Strawberry and I first met during Breaking Ground a few years ago, since then we have worked on a number of projects together from music … Continue reading ChazChats 2.0 | A day with Strawberry

Happy Belated Bday To ME Each year, I usually take some to around my birthday to do some inflection, focus on some gratitude and write in my journal. This year, I aint do none of that!! This is my first year working as a full-time artist and bitch I am busy!! bookt and blessed but chile I need some … Continue reading Happy Belated Bday To ME