street knowledge

we had to learn to survive first.

do you remember the first time you saw a hearse?

me either, too young to count my age but i could count the bodies like 1,2,3…

the crows are starting to caw

woke up to anuther POV,

we cookin’ it &

they dont have a clue.

sumetimes i feel liike

i dont know even care


to do, i just want to do.

caressing my

thoughts we may

know we know

what to do.

leave me alone &

miiind, i ,we, just need a


to grow. i saw a

brown cardinal with a red top;

he said,

“lets go. time is an essence;

crooking, croaking &

cawing can you

hear the crows coming.”

Excerpt from Luther (my journal)

Dear Luther,

…I am an artist, photographer, organizer, socialite, writer, producer, entrepreneur, mentor and real impact in this city in a short amount of time. I have made mistakes, burned bridges, and realized what true accountability is. The elasticity of vices and virtues are inevitable but that is what makes me human. How I react to those hardships and misfortunes continue to set the course along elasticity to greatness. That journey between the two is full of accountability, inflection, and action. The internal and external struggles may seem endless but time isn’t real but your relationships and reputation are. You are on your own mental journey with guidance from external influences. Those influences impact your health, mind, and daily life. Again, they can influence your mental journey but your journeys between hardship and greatness are one you saddle up your own mental mind and travel that road alone. You can either gallop, trot, or spring in either direction…

-Chazmen McCarter 1.20.21