Letter to my 28 year-old-self.

Dear Nigga, At some point in your life, you heard, most likely, read about the Golden Year or Year of Enlightenment. I think it was sometime in late middle school but definitely by the end of high school, you had placed all your bets on the year 28. I don't know exactly what you were … Continue reading Letter to my 28 year-old-self.

aforethought after an ease; at peace

thru nature‚Äôs lullaby we rest our heads, chest abound, awound we creep the crepts of realms. at ease, the peace we seek comes afound after a long day of allowing thyself to churn it out of thin air. magic they call it. adjust the thought and work and see the work is the magic. wut … Continue reading aforethought after an ease; at peace