I keep on falling.

So this is my second Autumn. Although the weather for the week has been splendid. Fall made such an ugly entrance. She rained. Oh dear, she rained. It was 40 degrees outside and Mother Nature drenched the DMV. I can’t determine whether she was drunk, or pissed when she barrelled into through the District. The first two weeks of October, she had everyone talking. “Girl, did you see how ALL the leaves death dropped overnight?” queens joked over gin and tonics. Autumn was literally the hottest topic of Trade on a Saturday night.

I’m still iffy about which season I enjoy the most. My initial Fall the air was crisp. As the year got colder, I saw some flurries. Yet, it only snowed for two days. Winter was a bust. I wanted blizzards. And snowball fights and snow angels. I dreamt of selfies in the snow. Of the four seasons, Florida only has three other seasons: Hurricane, mosquito, and snowbird. The snowbirds.

I would rather have a category 10 hurricane than deal with snowbirds. In 2014, my friend Rachel and I were on a one-way only overpass. We were headed to the gym. I remember we were jamming out to Big Sean’s IDFWU. As the second verse comes around we notice all of the car’s lights turn bright red. Immediately, they began swerving and veering close to the shoulders of the overpass. Careening between the two lanes an olive-colored Grand Mercury emerges from the other side of the bridge. With a sharp right yank, Rachel clears out of the way, almost clipping the shoulder of the bridge. Yet, the crypt keeper kept cruising towards death, everyone else darting out the way at the last minute.

As I was walking up towards the trash, I noticed my roommate snapping pictures of a gorgeous red tree. “The tree is always red” he mentioned. But since Autumn had come, the Japanese Maple stood boldly against the other naked trees.


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