Birthday Wish

The thunder boomed as lightning-laced through the purple skies. The leaves vibrated violently as the trees whipped back and forth. Nose pressed against the window, I was mesmerized by the storm. I watched in awe and wonder as Mother Nature went to war outside. Suddenly, my bedroom door slams open. Mother’s husband stumbles in clutching his chest. The big, tall man who everyone called “Boo” because he was so scary was now slumped on my floor. Eyes bulged with both arms tearing open his shirt, he’s squirming all over the floor. Quickly, I hop over him and run into the living room.

Perched on the wall between two mirrors was a house phone. Punching in the number of 911, I was quickly connected to an operator, “My mother’s husban’ is havin’ anuther hearth athack. Hurry or he’ll be dead.” With a clack, I hang the phone up, scurry to the kitchen and get to work.

Boo lay there on his back clutching his chest. His big round tummy is going up and down so fast, his chest is bouncing all-around. They remind me of the lady’s boobs from the movie Mother and I watched a few days ago. I cannot help but chuckle. As his breathing got slower and his stomach started to come to an idle. Just as Mother told me, I dashed the ice-water right in Boo’s face. Since it was mostly ice, it worked fast. Almost as if, he was struck by lightning his body jolted and went rigid. His breathing sped up and his man-boobs went back to jiggling.

Three loud booms from the front door and the adults were finally here. Opening the door, I simply pointed to the back bedroom and watched them march in.
“Where is the girl who called 911?” The ambulance lady asked me as they made their way past me. Confused by her question, I simply shrugged my shoulder and closed the door. Back in my bedroom, I could hear the ambulance people strapping Mother’s husband to the stretcher.

Cabinets bare and the kitchen sink full of dishes, I open the fridge and grab the birthday cake. Slowly and steadily, I balance the cake and head to the living room.  I watch as they roll Boo from out of my bedroom and load him into the ambulance. Rearranging the candles, I sit down with my spoon and wait for the right moment to ask if anyone had a match. Once Boo was gone, I notice a fireman standing in the doorway. Waving my spoon to get his attention, he seemed a little surprised to find me sitting there alone.

Taking off his helmet and making his way towards me he asked, “Whose birthday is it, little guy?” Using the spoon to notion myself, I lift a single candle and nudge it towards him. “Ah, I see.” The firefighter rummaged through his jacket and produced a large metal tube. With the flick of his thumb, the torch roared. Slowly leaning the candle forward, I lit it and used it to light the remaining five candles.

Returning the candle to its position, I smiled at the firefighter. Placing his helmet on my head he said, “Time to make a wish little guy.” Closing my eyes, I took several deep breaths, smiled, made a wish and blew out my candles.

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