light brown

lights and brown skin,
a lil piece of me within view,
sittin’ in a new view,
fresh like nouveau,
covered like September Vogue,
im allergic to old heauxs,
im centerfold,
posing in all hues,
me sick like, achoo.
loyal like ‘i do’
& complex like
haikus & flex like
im from the bayou &
why would i want to be you?
im blessed with new
light in brown skin.

light brown by chazmen

art all day

every now and then, things come back full circle. not ever the way you envisioned it but that’s the beauty of being an artist. sometimes you can envision things so perfectly and other times the beauty is how the art of life surprises you and takes you on a journey that leaves you breathless.

i am an artist. the type of artist that without a camera, paintbrush or a pixel i would rather wither. people say, ‘you’re so dramatic’ and i say, ‘i am an artists. all day, every day. in this moment and the moment before that, even before i knew it. my art teacher said to me, ‘you’re an artist’ and i laughed because all i could see are numbers. now the numbers see the art in me.

so all day, im just with with this arts. it felt temporary before, all day but not today.